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The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.


VIBETH is a website which assembles flight schedules as well as providing relevant information about rocket launch and also providing an easy access to vital information about space science, space technology and space exploration for the general public.



Several nation's around the world have launched rockets carrying satellites and space probes within the past few years and as a result of this space bound rockets seems to launch every week in the upcoming epoch of privatized spaceflight as private companies are partaking in the launches as well.


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Our idea is to provide relevant information about rocket launch by gathering data from different space agencies (both private and public agencies) and also keep the general public updated about the next rocket launch by providing them with information about the next rocket launch via subscription to our newsletter for the latest updates which will be sent directly to their email addresses and broadcasting/ posting related information on different social media platforms and also creating awareness about rocket launches and other space related fields through these platforms for space enthusiasts.

The website will also analyze data from the satellite for geographical location of people who want to get informed about the nearest rocket launch location (i.e to know their proximity to the location) in case they want to view it personally and making it possible for them to view the International Space Station from earth by making use of location services which are used to display their home location services in reference to other items on the map.

Apart from being a web based application, we are also working on building a mobile based application for the project which will contain all these features and many more which are yet to come.

Also, we will enlighten people about space science, space technology and space exploration, giving them more information about the different space agencies and space related topics such as Space Debris (i.e Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids and many more), the ISS, the Atmosphere, Astronauts, Satellites, Planets and Galaxies, Solar and Space Physics, Rockets (Rocket types and their classifications), NASA’s Vomit Comet and Space Shuttles.

There are lots of space enthusiast all over the world and most of them have little or no knowledge of ways their desired potentials can be brought to life. There’s an opportunity for them to go to space without having to train for a lengthy period of time before going up there. This can be made possible through Space Tourism. We want to create a platform whereby these space enthusiast can know more about space tour and get connected to space tourism companies so as to fulfill their desired potentials. We also want to create a network of astronauts or space explorers for space enthusiasts and those interested in becoming one of them. This will allow them to communicate with some famous explorers and ask questions pertaining to their desired interests.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.