Team Updates

We began brainstorming how to approach our idea, eventually deciding that the optimal solution would most certainly involve a website as it is much easier to access from all kinds of devices all around the world, and it is not limited to a Third-Party to be distributed, like with mobile apps.

After multiple hours of hard work, we created a website describing the locations for spacial launches across the globe. We utilized the Launch Library API ( to obtain the information for each respective launch, then tagged their locations on a map, using OpenStreetMap ( as the map source. In these tagged locations we included the spacecraft and mission names, launch date and time, and a brief description of what goals each mission will try to achieve.

Our goal is to be able to educate the public about the relationship between mission-types and location choices in a very elegant manner. This minimal and simple style of presenting the data will allow the general public to inform themselves about future missions more easily.

ignaciosadaIgnacio Sada Solomon

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.