The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

Launch Party

Map the next launches at spaceports around the world!


Launch Party is an implementation of the Launch Library API that maps out the provided spaceports and the next rocket launch at each port. Existing implementations of the API list upcoming launches, and other sites map out the spaceports, but we did not come across any sites that combine both features in a simple, elegant manner. This will offer users a better understanding of how the type of mission affects the choice of location from the various available.

Upon clicking each marker, the user is presented with the name of the spaceport as well as details of the upcoming launch, including the date and time and mission information.

Ideas for future updates:

  • More data about the launch, e.g. payload, destination, livestream link, wiki link, etc.
  • A weather API call to provide predicted conditions for launches in the next seven days
  • Data about historical launches


  • Projected trajectories for each launch, overlaid on the map
  • Radii around each site within which the launch would be clearly visible

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