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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

Rocket Launch World

A single web platform to provide all the knowledge you need about past and future launches, to make anonymized statistical analysis for the companies and to create a network between who’s got a project to launch and launch providers giving this opportunity

Team Rocket

We are the Team Rocket, a group of passionate aerospace engineering students.

As we know, one of the main issue a student deals with is looking for updated and reliable data. On the other hand, one of the fundamental needs for a company is to manage and analyze their own data. What is needed is a tool able to solve both problems, as well as being an interface between who’s got a project to launch in space and launch providers that can give this opportunity.

Do you know when the next rocket launch is? Would you like to watch it live and know more about past missions, launchers or launch sites? How many websites should you visit?

One! Ours. Let’s see how it works. It is based on three main aspects: database, analysis and network.

DATABASE: One website with a collection of all information on space missions, launchers specifications and a description of all launch sites, with the possibility of watch old launches and follow the future ones, visualizing them in an easy, fast and interactive way.

ANALYSIS: One website through which companies could gather statistic data to improve the quality and reliability of future launches. The effectiveness of this analysis process is based on the actual involvement of companies which, sharing their data, could have access to anonymized statistics re-elaborated as a function of various parameters, launch sites and cost related to delays, compared to those from other companies.

NETWORK: One website to fill your rocket! How does it work? Basically, it’s based on bilateral connection between who’s got a launcher and who’s got a satellite to launch. In “Open Proposal” we can find a list of the main space agencies initiative, like NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative or ESA’s Fly Your Satellite, that give the opportunity to launch a satellite. Through our platform it’s possible to directly apply to one of these initiatives. On the other and, in the “Submit your proposal” section, it’s possible to submit a spontaneous application for a project that does not belong to previous mentioned categories. Launch providers companies can have access to these applications that will be selected based on the design, cost and impact of the mission

Our idea will change the approach to the research of data relative to launches, just like this: merging all the information in one single platform!

For this reason, the collaboration of as many companies as possible is fundamental for implementing, developing and validation of database. Moreover, the creation of a network may also involve private space companies to create launch initiative and relate with universities or start-ups, offering these programs with advertising or commercial purpose.

The next step could be the creation of an App, making all these functions within smartphone reach.

Just one word summarizing our goal: Accessibility; To Information, To Analysis, To Space.

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