The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.


LaunchX is aimed to provide the information regarding upcoming rocket launches.



Background: Everyone is curious to know when the next rocket launch is going to be done. As well as the unauthorized or private rocket launching companies are also launching rockets without letting known to rest of the world.

Resources: LaunchX is a mobile application which tries to announce all the rocket launches over world which tries to provide authentic and genuine information regarding rocket launches.

  • By using official API’s(NASA) and previous rocket launches data interpretation, LaunchX provides the information.
  • LaunchX also supplements the info like rocket name, rocket launching stations, launching time, specified orbit, countdown starts at which time, organizations, which country is launching it.
  • LaunchX also includes a link to view the live rocket launch by providing a link if possible.
  • The main motto to launch a rocket is to satisfy the necessity which is mentioned by LaunchX.
  • The people who are near by the spaceports can go to their nearby places and watch the live rocket launching so that those suitable places for watching are also provided by the LaunchX by tracing the location of rocket launching place.
  • LaunchX also provides the investment by organization on that rocket, along with the brief history and future updates of that rocket.

Challenges Faced:

  • The problem is sometimes due to environmental conditions the launch may be cancelled or postponed which leads users to be guided with wrong or belated information so LaunchX tries to update ASAP.
  • As there is no such prior resource providing the information of this kind , LaunchX becomes a platform to gather information.
  • Thus LaunchX tries to satisfy the user curiosity and provides the genuine information regarding rocket launches.a

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