The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

SPLAT | A space launch tracker!

SPLAT is a web application built to provide the user data about space launches at their fingertips!

SPLAT | Space Launch Tracker

The project is an Open Source one, with it's code hosted here and the website live here .

The approved team consists of Parth Parth, Saksham Garg, and Anas Boustani.

At a time, the next 14 launches can be seen due to limitations beyond our control. The card shows all available information about a launch in a simple and understandable way! :)

I've used open source projects like jQuery for making the website excellent and interactive! Images have been sourced from Unsplash . I have used this free narrator for our video


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.