The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

Ozone Watch

A website that tracks upcoming rockets launches and their impact on the ozone layer.


Ozone Watch aims to educate people interested in space on the impact of rocket launches on the ozone layer.

It takes 20 seconds for a rocket to reach space. Do we even know how it's impacting the earth? There were 91 rocket lauches in 2017 alone. Space is a multi-billion dolllar industry and we always hear about climate change, global warming and the damage to the ozone layer and yet how many of us actually know about how drastic an impact it's having?

Ozone Watch is a website that tracks upcoming rocket launches and their impact on the ozone layer.

So where do we see it in the future? We hope to create a movement by bringing our product to global space agencies like NASA, the UN, schools, and for home use. We would aim to have 2 separate business models- a simplified version so everyone can have access to it, and a more technically and scientifically accurate version for scientists, researchers and space agencies.

We'd like to bring our message to everyone:

Don't wait until there's no-zone. Protect the ozone.


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