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The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

SpaceX Rocket Launch - Launch Tracker

Interactive Timeline of Rocket Launches


Rocket Launches helps track future and past launches by visualizing key information about each and proactively reminding about the next upcoming launch.



Do you know when the next rocket launch is?

Imagine being able to see all rocket launches in one timeline. All planned launches of the future. And all launches of the past.

Now you can do this is SpaceX Rockets interactive infographic app. Watch the evolution of rockets happening in your lifetime going from an ultra-expensive technology to a mass transit to our future Martian colony.

What can you watch for in rocket launches?

  1. All rockets are going somewhere: either it is low Earth orbit or a higher orbit. Hover or tap on each rocket to see what cargo it is carrying (and you can see who paid for it)
  2. Here is pro tip: you can track the number of the core is reusing— this is important because the more times the same core is reused - the cheaper the rockets get. And the sooner we can go to Mars.
  3. Click on any rocket to see the launch video
  4. All rockets carry some payload, either a satellite that you can use to connect to the internet, or food and other cargo for astronauts on the ISS. And soon, they will carry people to the ISS, the Moon, and then to Mars.
  5. Track how many launches successfully reached orbit and how many blew up. Of course, the more launches succeed, the sooner we can get to Mars.
  6. Click on the name of the mission to read more about it on Wikipedia. For future missions, there might be no page yet. Of course, you can create one.
  7. New launches will be added automatically
  8. To make sure you never miss a launch, you can subscribe to the web notifications that will pop up on your computer or phone to let you know when you can watch a new launch. (Click allow when you land on the website).
  9. All data is real-time, so whenever new a launch is planned or there is a schedule change, you will see this on the timeline
  10. So what can YOU do about going to Mars? Sharing launch info with others: the more people watch rocket launches, the more kids become engineers, the more governments and business invest in space, the sooner humans can get to Mars.

In the near future, we will add rocket launches of all governments and space companies (that publicly share their data, of course).

Who We Are

We are a team of information designers and developers. We met at NASA’s hackathon. We get up in the morning because of our shared belief in showing data truthfully and building functional code that does that.

In the beginning, our work was a manual process: we gathered the in a spreadsheet and used Adobe Illustrator to generate a static version of this infographic.

Then had the idea to generate this infographic dynamically from real-time data. So what you see now is live data in JSON being parsed by Javascript and then visualized by React.js

Our names are Anna Vital, Mark Vital, Dmytro Borchuk, @ibitlab.

And what about you? Do you want to become a contributor as a developer, designer, data scientist, or journalist? Then had over to our repository and see what you can do.

NASA Resources Used

We aggregated NASA data on SpaceX launches from SpaceX API

Verified with:

NASA - Expendable Launch Vehicle
Launch Archive
Kennedy Space Center link
SpaceX Commercial Resupply link
SpaceX Commercial Resupply News
and Features Archive link

Technologies Used:

1. Visualization generation - Javascript, React.js, SVG, Create React App

2. Data: json from SpaceX API

3. Web push notifications - for notifying users


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.