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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.


Rocco is an open platform (Website) that allows the user to see the rocket launches that are closest to occur in the world, all in real time.


Analysis of the problem

NASA needs a tool with the capabilities to map the most relevant information about rocket launches.

Rocco's team undertook the task of investigating the available sources of information and open resources, as well as pay for the typical one mentioned. From what we could find was:

As you can see if they visit the platforms, they already contain the requested information, in some cases quite complete. This indicates that a solution already exists, but this is not the requested one, but only partially.

If certainly the information already exists and in some cases it has an adequate ordering:

  • This is not not compact enough to be understood by the common user (not normally).
  • There is no clear record of future releases.
  • There is no teaching material on the operation of a rocket launch station.

In summary it can be concluded that the information exists and can be found but it is not in a usable format.

Characteristics of the solution

  • Tracking of rocket launches.
  • Key information on launches on a virtual terrestrial globe in real time. (Time remaining, Country, Location, Date)
  • Locate the launching station of your preference in a visual way, turning the globe and searching within each country. (with account with search bar).
  • Graphic information with sketchup platform to learn about a launch of space rockets.

Web site link:

Construction of the solution

  • React.js was used for the graphic interface
  • With World Wind we generate the balloon and CG graphic elements to navigate in the 3D scene.
  • The 3D scene is loaded with an element Cavas within an HTML5 file.
  • To develop the behaviors on the globe, the following points were used:
    • Layers of render for world wind (the globe, the starry background, the atmosphere).
    • Navigator.range (is a function of the worldwind element and serves to adjust the focal length of the camera's view plane on the globe, the view is a constant LookAt).
    • PlaceMarks (to load the names of the countries and geolocate them)
    Github link:


Notes: You need google chrome and run the extension Coors.

In this section you can see the list of launches and future releases, as well as the time it takes to occur the date. If you click, it sends you to the geolocation of the scheduled launch.

View of the selected launch area

Normal view of the balloon without selection


The cost at the cash investment level was 0 MXN. Both the tools and the hosting are open.

In case of private hosting the costs could rise up to 300 dollars per year approximately, according to the current prices.


Ing. Miguel del Castillo for giving us their help with the tool World Wind.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.