The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

infrastructure blockchain system

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A blockchain application that synchronizes the rockets schedules and data.The private data will be saved on a private channels, and the public data will be saved on the public blockchain network. All of that will be done on less than a second.


The number of private companies that lunches different rockets is in a continuous growth. NASA is struggling in finding how many rockets will be lunched and when. They simply want to know when will be the next rocket launch.

When the rocket lunches there are numbers of data about the rocket should be published when the rocket is scheduled to be launched. Some of those data is private and some should be published as recognized from NASA data provided on their website.

We will create a blockchain application on hyperledger fabric developed by IBM that will read data from rockets sensors as well as the data the launcher will provide about the launching time and the rocket mission. Those data will then be classified as public and private data. The private data will be saved on a private channels supported by hyper ledger, and the public data will be saved on the public blockchain network to be viewed for anyone.

This blockchain application will connect all the companies that launches rockets together and synchronize all the data about their rockets as well as schedule the launches of all the rockets. This all could be done on less than one second and this is the magic of blockchain. The application will support adding a live streaming of the launched rocket.

We will integrate an AI that will use google maps to decide what will be the best view on the map to see a live streaming of the rocket launching.

As we don’t have a lot of time:

We created a demo that uses mobile sensors such as location sensor and accelerometer as simple data to be sent to the application. We created a web application that will categorize those data as public and private. Private data will be saved on a data base.

We created a blockchain application built on ethereum (connected to the web application) that receives the public data and save them on the blockchain to be viewed by any of the other companies.

We choose ethereum as it has a test network, but ethereum doesn’t support private channels as hyperledger fabric so we used mongo data base to simulate that the private data about the rocket will not be posted on public. Only the launching date and mission will be posted as we knew from NASA data.

our work and codes and everything we did is here


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.