The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.


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Web application for centralizing information on rocket launches, providing a brief description of the rocket, launch date, launch site and nearby points that allow a good view of the launch.

Team Rocket

3D Challenge: When will the next rocket be released


Decentralization of rocket launch and aggregate data.


In a brief survey of people close to him, it is clear that most people are interested in the subject of rocket launching, and that he once dreamed of being an astronaut, but at first they find it difficult to find information on the subject, they can find places to get some information about.

Often feeling too distant from this astronomical environment, which becomes demotivating and causing the loss of interest in the subject.


Cross-platform application that provides release information centrally

Target Audience:

Enthusiasts of the area.

Application of the solution and impact:

The application, ROCKETFY made thinking about the problem is made up of a web and mobile version, which present information centrally.

This information is obtained from specialized portals and the API provided by NASA, such as rocket launch dates, launch site, rocket name, brief description of the rocket, and points near the launch that would be favorable for viewing the launch and stay in hotels.

ROCKETFY uses the GOOGLE MAPS API to geolocate these points in the mundi map, presenting for each launch its local (with red marker) and relevant nearby places (with yellow markers), simplifying the user's interpretation of the application.

The application presents in aggregate information relevant information on rocket launching, simplifying the search and making possible a better contact of the area enthusiast with the information.

Companies that are also interested in space engineering, may have a source of data about how our users interact with these events. Being able to interact in turn, with these.

In addition to fostering the local economy around these launching bases, influencing more tourism to these places, strengthening the community as a whole.

The application also provides a section of charts with a general interpretation of the data, such as launch number made by the launch bases, launch frequency per hour of the day, amount of rocket launch per month each year, country and agency.

If the user chooses, the option of streaming will be available for the real-time visualization of the rocket launch.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.