The Challenge | Do YOU Know When the Next Rocket Launch Is?

Create a tool to track international rocket launch information.

do you know next Rocket launch is ? ( Prototype App)

by this app we could see the upcoming launches of rockets across the world


In this app we are going live during every rocket launches and publish you with that on our app.we will also give you the important information about the upcoming and past rocket launches.which will be a very benficiary for keeping records and also for the people who are interested in rocket science.It consist of the information about the various and important space launches in the world.

The factors that make decisions of launch are need and requirement.In the emerging era of privatized spaceflight, another space-bound rocket seems to launch every week. Nations around the world have launched rockets carrying satellites and space probes within the past few years. Private companies are now doing launches as well.this is one of the good protype app which gives the information about the rocket launches who are intrested


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