The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

Conquer Mars

Why can't we use resources for the good


Life on Earth is being more and more demanding in term of energy that is non renewable and very polluting.

The race to develop clean and renewble energy such as nuclear energy.

The uranium used for this type of energy is limited but it produces a high dose of energy that can be transformed afterwards into any other aspect like electricity (the most common).

But once the source begins to dry, from where can we provide ourselves with it?


As we studied the atmosphere on Mars we found it very similar to our planet Earth. The climate existing there is very similar to the Earth's so the existance of the noble metals such as Gold and rare entities like Uranium.

The idea is to install sensor that can detect metals and other sensors that can detect Uranium on robots sent by NASA to Mars to search, detect and stock the found elements to be shipped back to Earth.


We all know that all the missions to Mars end up with losing the space shuttles carrying the robot because they can't carry enough fuel for the way back. The solution is Uranium. The creation of a nuclear engine will help us not only have more energy with less weight but also this idea will garantee us a way back home from Mars.


The impact of using nuclear engines is really enormeous. This will decrease the numbre of abandonned space shuttles in the space, reduce harmfull gaz emission during space shuttle launching and finally the elements that we find in Mars would be tested on Earth to study the behaviour and similarities.


Providing a way to Mars and Back will be the key to send people on this Earth similar planet that has been studied on through analysis sent by robots. The first step of humain on Mars will be probably the first leap for humanity to install life there.

Resources that are proven to be existing will be the key of creating sources of energy, other than Uranium, we can transform the sun radiation into electricity.


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