The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

AI Humanoid Robot Mr.TVET

Mr. TVET is a artificial intelligent Humanoid Robot . it can understand human voice by speech-recognition system and talk with human by speech synthesizer . it can move 4 direction like forward , backward , left ,right and also can move it hand , neck, m

Robot Hunter


Robot Hunter

Bangladeshi AI Humanoid Robot Mr. TVET

  • Why we build it?
  • With the development of civilization, Human thinking power has gone beyond the earth and into space. People are now planning to stay in Mars. Where they do exploration how people can live there. But mars environment is not suitable for people. Our astronauts they have to continue their exploration in this situation.
  • Our Solution
  • For this problem, we have a solution. We make a humanoid robot for solving this types of problem.

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