The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.


FENG SHUI AMULET combines Chinese culture and technology to help explorers on Mars


1. Motivation

  • To attract investors to invest in space technology by promising them a place with good Feng-Shui on Mars
  • Lack of basic data everywhere on Mars
  • The environment on Mars is unfriendly to explorers
  • There isn’t much long-term observation point on Mars
  • The place where is suitable for human to live is still unknown
  • 2. Introduction

    a. What is Feng-Shui?

    Feng-Shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is originating from China, which claims to use qi, an energy forces, to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

    Feng-Shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, or stars or the compass.

    b. How we measure Feng-Shui on Mars?

    Our Feng-Shui Amulet consist six sensor which can measure six essential elements of Feng-Shui: Wind, Soil Water Content , Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance and Magnetic Field.

    c. How these factors influence Feng-Shui?

    Wind and Soil Water Content are two of the most important factors, since the term feng-shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English. If the wind is too weak, evil will accumulate and harm qi. However, if wind is too strong, qi will loss with wind.

    On the other hand, Soil Water Content is important to ancient Chinese in a practical way, since agriculture is the main profession of ancient Chinese.

    Temperature, Humidity and illuminance determine whether a place is comfortable to live or not. Which is the Main purpose of Fung-Shei: Finding the best place to live.

    Magnetic Field is the symbol of energy in Feng-Shui. The higher the energy is, the healthier a person will be.

    d. Why detecting Feng-Shui on Mars?

    Imagine you are persuading a wealth Chinese entrepreneur to invest in a space investment about Mars, what could be better than telling him or her that you can find a place on Mars with the best Feng-Shei for him or her.

    On the other hand, the main purpose of Feng-Shui is to find the best place for living, which is important in the future when we start immigrating to Mars.

    Last but not least, Our Feng-Shui Amulet can analyze Feng-Shui and gather data about Mars for NASA at the same time!

    3. Process

    a. Insert the Feng-Shui Amulet into the soil of the place you want to measure on Mars.

    b. The Amulet will capture a panoramic photo, and measure the temperature, humidity, magnetic field, soil water content, illuminance and wind speed of the place.

    c. The detector then uses wireless transmission to send data to a computer for analyzing.

    d. The computer gathers and analyzes all the data, then inputs them into our Feng-Shui Calculating Formula ,which is base on I Ching, an ancient Chinese Classic about prophecy and Feng-Shui.

    e. The computer will inform the user whether the Feng-Shui of the place is good or bad.

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