The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

let's discover the mystery

Our idea is sending rocket carrying groups of robots and planes controlled by a pp. their functions are work as lab to analyze soil by multi sensors, photos phenomena, mapping and send results and check them to the app then recharge by sun until receiving


"A fact: - mars is the only known planet inhabited` solely by robots."

In the current ages, scientists are searching about a place to escape from this populated polluted planet. Therefore, they tried to discover the other planets to know the history of the life on the planet and to know if there are Necessities of life that allow human to live on them. 
We thought about ideas to discover a planet called mars. Our idea is sending a rocket carrying groups of robots and plans; every device has a specific function as: 
-Robots work as a movable laboratory to analyze the soil know its properties as humidity, temperature, pressure and so on.  
  • Plans are the vehicles that move the robots from place to another. In addition to that, they do another function, while robots are doing their functions that plans take photos of the natural phenomena of mars and mapping the area and save it in their memories.
  • Controlling plan
  • Controlling robot
  • Feedback

After finishing their work, they send the results and a check about them by this way, which is; sending the results to the satellite then to the station finally to mobile app, and start recharging their battery by using modified solar cells until receiving new instructions.

Our application consists of three main icons, which are-

In addition, another small icon for dangers, if there is any problem.

Every main icon has sub icons inside it to know the results like icons for temperature, humidity, pressure, balancing, position, capacity, light and compass.

After receiving information, human send feedback for robots and plan by the same way of receiving results.

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.