The Challenge | Make Sense Out of Mars

Develop a sensor to be used by humans on Mars.

Green Mars - Red planet Mars

we help astrounauts to discover the mars and help humains to live on mars by planting


1- for short term we worked to solve the challenge astronauts meets with mars as how he can get back to his shelter without GPS and how to study areas around volcanoes with the ensure that it will not erupts and how to study materials using neroscope

2- for the long term we have focused on the most important thing to live long in mars ..the food

we tried to afford as much as possible a suitable agriculture life

in searching for water and generate it

and find the best spot to start planting mars

and now more details about both long and short term

we manged in the short term to sense and predict the eruption on a volcanoes

and analysis different materials so we can know that one we can make the best benefits of

and a way for the astronauts to get back home if he went in long discovery trip or for the worst if he lost there

now for the long term

we manged to Senses the Humidity of Atmosphere that can help us to get water in hopeless cases

and to sense the wind speed to predict any storms that can affect badly on the astronaut and the shelter and also to know the quantity of the dust in the air that can make great difference in any exploration trip or for the solar bannles

and also we manged to sense the soil Moisture to know how mush water in the ground and wither i can get it or not

and temperature sensor to sense the best place with the lowest climate change so we can live there long time

all of the previous sensors in the long term is supping it's power by solar bannle that had a special motor to clean it contentiously to produce best power from the sun with out the interaction of the dust .


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.