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Design an autonomous free-flyer to inspect a spacecraft for damage from Micro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD).

Salvage Device

Salvage device helps discover the hole in the spacecraft. Pressure sensor makes the buzzer rings as decreasing in air pressure. X-rays are sent to select position of hole. Camera records video alive. Monitor shows what camera records. Arduino is controller


Background: One of the biggest hazards that faces the spacecraft in space is the holes that appear in the spacecraft as what happened in Apollo spacecraft. The problem is how to discover the position of the hole so quickly in seconds to save time for fixing this hole. So (Salvage Device) aims to check the spacecraft and to know the position of the hole through x-rays, Pressure sensor, camera and monitor controlled by arduino. The pressure sensor will be designed to make a buzz as soon as it observes an irregular decreasing in the air pressure. Then there may be a hole with the spacecraft. The 2 x-rays sensors, one will be on the opposite side to the other, spontaneously send x-rays, by controlled arduino, through the spacecraft and then receive it until there is a flaw in the received data. This is the position of the hole. Meanwhile, data is shown by the astronaut as a graph on the monitor inside the spacecraft. On this graph, black points indicate that this part is all right while the space between these points indicate to a flaw in this position. The astronaut can simply know the position of the hole with the space craft. In addition, there will be a fixed camera outside the spacecraft that will observe the position of the hole more precisely through recording live videos or pictures. It can also show the volume of the hole to help the astronaut to know what he should do. All these data will be collected on a monitor inside the spacecraft. Then the astronaut should contact the space agency through the satellite and try to overcome the challenge.
PS: There will be a code with the arduino that will control the all electronic operations.



We did not find x-ray tubes available in Egypt so we used ir sharp sensor instead of using it.
MatLab Program was not available to us to draw graphs, so we depend on Arduino to draw with.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.