Team Updates

Tolls Needed (Offer)

1) Online collaboration environment other than Sana Space Apps Challenge Project Page which is very limited

(e.g.: online wiki, Slack, Asana, Podio, Ryver, Tello, etc.... at least GOOGLE Drive folder)

Note: Please propose one which you're familiar with)

2) Video Editing software and a team member capcable of preparing the team movie

3) A better chat environment for inter-office communciations with video confrence capability (e.g.: GoogleTalk, Skype)

4) .....

barisdincBaris Dinc

TODOs List (Draft):

1) Deciding the target project challenge (see

2) Preparing draft "invention/challenge" ideas list

3) Voting for target project challenge

4) Preparation of responsibility matrix and sub teams

5) TODOs For Teams

a) Project Requirements

b) Draft Design and Review

c) Discussion Sessions

d) Defining design and responsibilities

d1) Documentation (SysEng)

d2) Hardware (if any)

d3) Software (if any)

d4) Presentation

d5) Video

*** please feel free to extend/edit the list

barisdincBaris Dinc

For the probability of having multinational team "The communication language for our team will be English"

barisdincBaris Dinc

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