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Effective Solar Panel Model (ESPM)

Our Effective Solar Panel Model is a concept which is not just confined within using The Sun as a resource for energy conservation. Our ESPM is a model which is going to use more resources such as NASA's weather data & even weather change to its advantage.

Team Apollo X.0.1

It has become a great issue for us that the more we are going towards the future we are getting close to the crisis of energy. It is high we take our concern to start acting on it. So we came up with an effective, efficient and more optimized form of Solar Panel using our available technologies.

As resources we are using solar energy, rain and NASA's Satellite provided weather data, to track the movement of the sun, make the Panel AI Oriented to get a better a performance of our Solar panel and moreover using the movement of elements/Raindrops on the double Polymer Layer, which helps us make the solar panel usable even when there is no sunlight or during the rainy season.

The challenges we are facing is that if we go to large production of energy, we'll need materials that aren't available in our region moreover, the implementation of conversion and conservation of energy in our conceptual model.


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