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Bio-Monitor, BioSpy Challenge, CSA

Bio-Monitor, a device that is contained within a shirt to monitor vital signs without interfering an individual's daily activities



The Bio-Monitor simplifies the process by combining numerous devices into one wireless, easy-to-use garment that records vital sign data. The system measures the following:

  • pulse and electrical activity of the heart
  • blood pressure
  • breathing rate and volume
  • skin temperature
  • blood oxygen saturation
  • physical activity levels

The smart shirt can also be worn during sleep and exercise. The system is designed to easily send information to the ground, where scientists can monitor the astronauts' health around the clock as they orbit the planet (

Project Design

Using RStudio, the data from the monitor is analyzed to see what the patient's vital signs. The code essentially transforms the data from csv. file to a visual representation of a graph. This code generated using RStudio creates the visual representation of heart rate, breathing rate, and systolic pressure. The code can also be used for other parameters relating to other vital signs recorded by the BioMonitor.


RStudio (to create the code)

GitHub (to publish the final code for the public)

CSA website (for background info & project design image):



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.