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Debris Tueur

Debris Tueur is a spacecraft that picks debris in Low Earth Orbit. Upon reaching a preset weight, it auto-launches itself towards sun. Inorder to avoid itself from collision or picking up active satellites, the satellites are inbuilt with MAYAK (existing)

The only challenge faced would be fuel to enable the spacecraft to travel distance up to Sun. Hence, attempts are being made to understand and enhance it's retrieval back to Earth. In this way, all the expensive metal used in satellites can also be returned back.

An existing braking system, MAYAK developed by a set of students in a foreign university is to be used for all the new satellites that are to be launched. It should be enabled in such a way that this braking system dies out along with the expiry of the satellite.

We've made sure that we clearly understood low earth orbit collision, expanding debris and how the spacecraft should work. We've enhanced the idea to an auto-launching concept on certain preset weight filling. Also, we've enhanced the idea to involve a special concept of detectors to make sure that the spacecraft and active satellites don't disturb each others activities.

There might soon be a day when Space Missions might become impossible to accomplish due to the increasing Space Debris. We're working on offering a solution to a much major problem in future.


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