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A service to help people whose homes have been destroyed by natural disasters by providing sanctuaries




" The number of people displaced from their home communities because of natural disasters or conflict has grown to 68.5 million people worldwide. Approximately 40 million of these people are Internally Displaced People (IDP), since they remain inside their country's borders. Another 25.4 million leave their countries and settle abroad as refugees, with the remaining roughly 3.1 million being at an intermediate stage of seeking asylum.

Many IDP and refugees resettle in urban areas or settlements planned by a humanitarian organization, while others self-settle in unplanned, usually rural settlements. Despite vulnerable people living in these informal settlements for many years and even decades, informal settlements are usually not well mapped and not safe."(1)


We want to offer help to these people to find the perfect place to settle by offering them houses to stay in our by guiding them to safe more livable places to settle in.

4.Steps of Project:

We started off by brainstorming and searching for creative ideas And looked for similar ideas to find a way to improve ours .Then we start by building a prototype to the web site, looking for a name and a logo design using a logo creator (2),We start designing our website and added some functionalities, and then used data mining to help us predict unsafe settlements.(4)


To sum up, we built a non-profit website that offer places to stay in for the refugees during and after disasters also help other to decide where to not settle using data mining to predict unsafe places for settlement.

5.Future Work:

We would like to make an app to make it more available and since time wasn't enough to finish our data mining we'd like to predict disaster locations. We'd also like to link it to some organization such as UNHCR.


All Praise is due to god for giving us the power, patience and knowledge to complete this project in 22 hours.

We would like to thank NASA for all its free resources and the opportunity to help make a change in this world.

We would like to thank Geeks Valley and Namaa Al Munawara for hosting this amazing event and a chance of a lifetime opportunity for the second time in Madinah.

A special thank you to our advisors, ms.Sakhaa, ms. Marwah alofi, ms.Hanadi, and ms.Nada for the support and guidance.








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