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Selective Pore System

Treatment of the sewage water using a selective pore MoS2 membrane and charging it through fixing negative carboxyl group around its pores which allows the passage of H2O and positive ammonium molecules and rejects the toxic negative nitrate group


The project is a system of selective pore system that works on the treatment of the sewage water to become arable by using a porous membrane(MoS2 membrane) that allows the passage of certain sizes of molecules, which will result in the passage of two very important types of molecules, which are water and ammonium molecules, because of its importance in agricultural fertilization thus producing water for agriculture usage. This membrane also rejects the passage of toxic nitrate molecules through the membrane pores. This is done by fixing a carboxyl group that works to attract positively charged ammonium particles and repel the negatively charged nitrate molecules. The simulation of the project has already been done by the VMD program for modeling. This project is better than RO reverse osmosis systems that need high pressure and produces a weak water flux compared to the pressure that it consumes due to its high thickness , in contrast , The Mos2 membrane requires very low pressure because its a single layer (thin system) , in addition the flux resulted from the MoS2 is high . Other advantage of the MoS2 membrane is its chemical equilibrium thus it has no attendance to react under the STP.

This topic is chosen to

- Conserve one of the natural resources , Sewage water.

- Compensate the ongoing increment of water usage in agricultural purposes.

Simulation for the project

The importance of water conserving


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