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Magnetic Position Trajectory Control in Space of Cubesats/Medium Satellites

Manipulation of the trajectory of satelites by using induced magnetic fields from coils of dimensions within the error limits of the position of the satelite relative to the ground control.


The problems faced with this project:

  • In theoretical terms, it is difficult to restric the error limits of position determination for each satellite. It depends purely on the algorithm used for the determination (J2, J4...) and sensors.
  • In response to the problem each satellite could be incorporated with eletromagnetic trackers that would result for a lower error determination when relatively near the coil in space (considering high velocities in orbit non relativistic compared to eletromagnetic waves). The coil would constantly send eletromagnetic waves in low frequency, so possible satelites would recieve it nearby.
  • Another test would be to calculate if the inducted magnetic field would be efficient enough to change the trajectory and at same time if it's intensity reaches an order of magnitude so high where it could possibly damage the eletronic system inside the satelite (OBDH and OBSW), starting from sensors (magnenometers..) and going to actuators (magnetorquers...). Also it could possibly wipe out some part of local memory in the satellite and interfere at long term with the telemetry (TTC) of the satellite.


Explanation: When a satelite enters the coil, it would receive an eletromagnetic impulse from the inductance, resulting into a changing trajectory even so slightly.

The coil would have actuators and sensors, so it could rotate around itself for the different incoming trajectories of satellites.

Now we can imagine a track made in space, only directed with these coils. This idea could result into a space revolution where satellites and aerospacial missions could be done without any fuel (theoretically)!


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