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Let's get out of the planet, and make our own black holes

in this project we aim to spotlight the majestic mystery of the universe, we are playing with black holes to know their hidden secrets.


Black holes:

Let's begin from the start, black holes form when the center of a very massive star collapses in upon itself.

And there were great efforts to understand how it work and the most notorious was and still the general relativity

  • From the simplest type of black holes known as Schwarzschild black hole to hawking revelations discovery in this field.
  • All the previous great scientists show us a path that suggests that black holes can be made theoretically

So, let's take that information and jump to the present to see its impact

  1. The conception of making a black hole is now Existing and there are efforts to achieve that like:
  • miniature black holes could theoretically occur through particle acceleration collisions (like those done at CERN's Large Hadron Collider).
  • The idea of using a mini black hole to power the earth

Magnificent, but we did not see any of the above in reality so what is wrong?

  1. making mini black hole theoretically possible but it will evaporate in only a fraction of second, so no black hole
  2. there is no mini black hole anywhere near the earth to use it

so, our team was in a mission to find any string and what we come up with was:

  • According to Schwarzschild radius that says Any object with a physical radius smaller than its Schwarzschild radius will be a black hole we choose the Jupiter to be our black hole


  1. It has a similar composition to the sun
  2. It is only 5 years away from the earth
  3. Its Schwarzschild radius is 2.2 m so its evaporation will soon come

Where are we now?

  • We are waiting for the Juno mission to reveal more about the nature of Jupiter
  • Find an innovative way to compress Jupiter to its Schwarzschild radius, in the caches of the universe
So, we can prove their life work was a great help for the next generations

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