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csa bio spy

Detecting space explorer’s workouts based on data collected from the bio monitor shirt.

A big challenge of having a Martian base and colonizing the red planet is the bone density and muscle mass loss which occurs in the 9 month trip to mars inside a 0 g environment. Astronauts and space travellers lose up to 2% of their bone mass every month and their overall cardiovascular health suffers (Nasa) . Physical exercise is the best way to counter this space-osteoporosis which is why space travellers need at least 2 hours of training per day.

Dedicated astronauts have the self-discipline to power through these long hours but the average mars colonist might not. We used algorithms which utilizes the data collected from the bio sensor (x-y-z acceleration, cadence, heart rate, blood pressure) to identify the 3 main workout done in space (squat, running, upper body workout).

With this data, scientists on earth would be able to know if the subject is doing their daily workout and if he isn’t, they could enforce him to do so and be better prepared to handle his poor bone mass upon reentry to Earth.


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