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AstroMentis is a digital platform that tracks the physical and mental health of astronauts through their daily logs using AI.


Although space stations and space crafts are essential for scientific studies, they are also often characterized by confinement, relative isolation and overcrowding which could lead to an adverse impact on the physical and mental health of the astronauts.

This is what prompted us to develop AstroMentis, a digital platform that logs and analyzes activities and diary entries of the astronauts to help them improve their health and well-being.

AstroMentis accommodates two groups of users: astronauts and therapists. Every astronaut will be assigned to a therapist who will monitor the status of the astronaut.

Astronauts will enter daily activities and log entry using the on-line text editor. Our back-end AI then parses the gathered data based on sensitive words, cardiovascular and respiratory activities. The therapist will then receive the generated reports (with highlights and graphs) and provide feedback to the astronaut swiftly.

We hope AstroMentis’s blend of natural language processing and machine learning will aid Space Agencies and astronauts by providing them with a new assessment tool that detects subclinical behavioural and mental health problems.



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.