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Alpha -1

We created a website that uses AI to filter the information about earth from Nasa website's links and making a new web page includes a topic concerned earth with the collected information as an article to be read by the ordinary people.


We used AI to gather information about earth from any link we will add in the website. The website will get the code of this link and filter it then gather only the information related to earth then it will make a new code by itself with a new design according to the data gathered and put these data as a topic in our website Alpha -1. Also, there is a mailing and subscription system to mail people who are subscribed in our website with new topics added

If we look at technical side, we programmed the website with 4 programming languages "Php, JavaScript, HTMl, CSS". HTML is for building the content of the website. CSS is for styling this content. Php is for algorithms and backend processes and it's related to server side not client. It do what is behind the scenes. JavaScript is for interactivity of the website and sometimes for backend purposes. We didn't depend on API but we used web scraping to give us the full control on any data we gather.


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