Space Apps Tartu was held on October 19th, 20th & 21st. Thank you to the 59 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The local results, including the work of 7 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Tartu!

The Geoinformatics team of the Department of Geography here at the University of Tartu, the Institute of Computer Science and the Tartu Observatory jointly invite interested citizens, students, staff and researchers from all disciplines, developers, hard- and software hackers, designers, geographers, and Earth and Space data enthusiasts to the Tartu-hosted hackathon event as part of the 2018 International NASA SpaceApps Challenge.

If you are interested in participating please register here on our location page and join us in the world's largest hackathon:

Space Apps 2018 in Tartu

Don't let the name fool you... it's not just about apps! Tackle a challenge using data visualisation, hardware, design and many other specialities! Inspire each other while you learn and create using stories, code, design and, most of all, let YOUR ideas flourish. Use your creativity, skills and knowledge, team up and solve some problem that is relevant either for you, your country or for the whole world!

More details, locations and detailed schedule coming soon, keep an eye on our own event page, too:


We are looking forward to a super interesting, exciting fantastic weekend.


On behalf of the organizing committee,

Alex, Evelyn, Laura and Merli

Schedule (All times Europe/Tallinn)

Friday, October 19th
  1. Check-in for participants.

    Also on-site registration for late deciders. If you haven't registered online, this is your last chance on the day to get registered and join the hackathon. However, we'd like to encourage everyone to register early online, so we can better plan contingents of food, working space etc.

  2. Welcome session:

    All participants gather, get to know each other. We will say a few introductory words, explain the general program, the available locations and important housekeeping notes for the weekend.

    We will have short introductory presentations and possibly even a live Skype call with a NASA scientist.

    Then suggested topics are presented in short pitches and teams can form by joining the pitched ideas. Teams should have minimum 3 up to 6 (in exceptional cases maybe 7) members. Ideas that don't get enough members need to be left aside. If a team is full, please choose another idea to join.

    It will be good if teams comprise of people with different complimentary skills. Some preliminary teams might already have formed and arrived with their own ideas. These should also shortly introduce themselves and can advertise how many places would be available in their team or which type of skill that would really need in their team.

  3. The hacking begins...

    Our support staff will help you however we can. We'll announce the times when they are around, as well as opening of rooms, labs and open spaces in the mornings and locking in the evenings, etc.

Saturday, October 20th
  1. Open doors and hacking :-)

  2. Lunch at Hektor Hostels Cafe

  3. Mentor Feedback round

Sunday, October 21st
  1. Open doors and hacking :-)

  2. Mentor Feedback round

  3. Pitching training, 30 minutes

  4. All hands down :-)

    The teams gather in the main auditorium and will then present their results in a fascinating captivating final presentation. The panel will grade all the teams by their presentation and results. We aim to record or even live-stream the presentation of the teams, the prizes and the awards ceremony.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.