Awards & Nominations

Team Photon has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | Invent Your Own Challenge

Pose your own challenge, and create a solution of your own choosing!

Research Assistant Robot

This robot will protect researchers from loss of any limb or death during lab accident & reduce death rate of researchers. This robot can be done any kind of research from a safe distance without any risk. Researchers can control this robots as their wish.

Team Photon

We have made a Robot that can talk both English and Bangla language . It can do chemical reaction using test-tube & beaker . This robot will do many work such as (measuring samples , pH, temperature, placement in slides, inserting in test tubes, organizing feedback, mixing explosive / radioactive materials). By using this robot you can collect sample for experiment and will find accurate result.

The Arduino code & Python code for the Research Assistance Robot that we built using Arduino IDE & Pycharm.

Parts list:

* (Apps) MIT App Inventor

*1 x Arduino Mega

*1 X Raspberry Pi

*1 x L298N Dual H Bridge module

*2 x DC Geared motors (6.0 volts, 300 RPM)

*PVC board

*Caster wheel

*2 x wheels

*14 x MG995 Servo

*2 x Mini Servo

*Buck Converter

*Bluetooth module

*18v 4 Amp Charger etc


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.